Luna says Welcome to Colliepedia 🙂

About Colliepedia

Hey! Welcome to my blog about all things collie-related!

All the pictures on Colliepedia are of my beloved dog Luna, a border collie cross!

I rescued Luna from a rescue shelter where she had been abandoned at only 6 months old by her previous owner.

When she first came home with me she was terrified of everything, she wasn’t house trained, she didn’t like people or other dogs, and she was a bundle of nerves.

Even though I’ve had lots of dogs before (Everything from a Jack Russell Terrier to an Irish Wolfhound), Luna is my first collie.

Ever since I rescued Luna, I’ve had to learn so much about how to look after collies. (Lots of trial and error!) She’s a great dog now, she’s friendly and loves people, she loves playing with her toys, learning new tricks, and going for long hikes.

I also learned that training a collie is a lot different than training other types of dogs. They are extremely smart. Almost too smart.

I’m still learning, but as I learn I will share everything here on this blog, so other collie owners can learn what works for me, and so anyone thinking about getting a collie can learn what the breed is really like!

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