Are Collies Good at Climbing? (What Can They Climb?)

Collies are great at climbing. They are good at climbing hills, mountains and steep slopes without any problems. Collies make excellent companions for any hiking enthusiast.

Today we’re going to have a look at different ways your collie can (and will) climb around your home and garden, and go over some tips to help keep them safe.

Are Collies Good Climbers?

Collies are excellent climbers. They were originally bred in the borders of Scotland to run through rugged fields and mountains herding flocks of sheep to their shepherds. Climbing rough terrain is in their genes!

Collies love nothing more than spending a long day hiking up hills and mountains. Off road adventures are collies favorite and they love climbing over fallen logs and exploring the wild.

Not only are collies good climbers in the outdoors, they often climb and scramble over anything indoors too. Collies often favor being up high so they can survey their own indoor kingdom or watch the world pass by out the window.

Collies will probably choose a couch or chair over a spot on the floor every time. You may want to consider purchasing a per furniture cover to protect your sofa and armchairs.

Luna climbing through an old ruin

Can Collies Climb Fences?

Collies can climb most fences easily. A collie can quite easily climb a 6ft fence regardless if the fence is wood or wire.

You may want to consider planting shrubs or bushes directly in front of the fence. This will help deter your collie from climbing up and over the fence. Bamboo plants are a good option because they’re fast growing, about 6ft tall and low maintenance.

Do Collies Climb On Furniture?

Collies are expert climbers, and you may find they prefer sleeping on the back of your sofa where they can survey their dog kingdom, rather than sleeping on the floor in their luxury dog bed!

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Collie Jumping Height

Collies can jump 6 feet in the air from a standing position and can jump over 5 feet in length.

Luna leaping after her most prized possession… her ball

How to Stop Your Collie From Climbing the Fence

Collies are master escape artists and can climb over just about any fence when they set their mind to it.

Your collie might be climbing the fence out your yard because they are board. Collies are a super smart breed and need a lot of mental stimulation.

Tiring out your collies with long walks and mental stimulation games means they may not have the energy left to climb out the yard.

Try planting shrubs and bushes in front of your fence. This can help prevent your collie from climbing up.

Can Collies Climb Trees?

Some collies can climb trees as a trick. However, its not a good idea to encourage this behavior, because they may injure themselves.

Collies are pleasers and if you ask them to climb a tree the chances are they probably will. However, just because they can doesn’t mean they should.

If someone asked you to walk a high wire with no safety harness, would you? Probably not. Asking your collie to climb a tree would evoke similar feelings and indeed similar injuries if something were to go wrong.

Collies Climbing Ladders

Collies will not automatically think to climb up a ladder sitting against your house or garage. However you can train them to climb up a ladder which makes a neat trick!

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