Can Collies Eat Bananas? (Easy Collie Banana Treat Idea)

Collies can eat fresh bananas, dried bananas, or bananas mixed with peanut butter. Although bananas are a tasty treat that most collies will love, it’s important not to give them too many since they contain lots of natural sugars, which can cause your collie to gain weight.

In this article we’ll look at the benefits of Bananas for collies, how often they can eat bananas, and look at the best ways of feeding bananas to them including a tasty banana and peanut butter treat.

Can Collies Have Bananas?

Bananas are perfectly fine for collies, however bananas are not a substitute for proper nutritious food for your dog and should only be an occasional treat.

Dried bananas are great for dogs, and bananas mixed with peanut butter is a common stuffing for Kong toys.

Are Bananas Good for Collies?

While bananas are perfectly healthy for Collies, dogs have a different digestion system from humans and are not able to extract so many healthy nutrients from bananas as humans can.

Bananas are healthy for your Collie, but fruit and veg are not an essential part of their diet like they are for humans.

The bulk of a Collie’s nutrients comes from the meat in their diet, and although bananas aren’t as healthy for your Collie as they are for you, they are still a good source of potassium and calcium.

Are Bananas Ever Bad for Collies?

Bananas are perfectly safe for Collies, although they contain lots of natural sugars which may cause weight gain in high quantities.

You should ensure your Collie gets approximately 90% of their daily calories from their dog food, and only 10% from treats.

This helps protect your dog from developing any weight related problems.

How to Feed Your Collie Bananas

You should peel the bananas beforehand, since the peels can be hard to digest.

Your collies may like dried bananas, chopped fresh bananas, or bananas mixed with other food like peanut butter to create a tasty treat.

Remember your dog doesn’t need as much food as you do, so keep the portions small and infrequent so as not to cause your dog unnecessary weight gain.

Dog Eating Banana
Luna eating a banana (She loves them!)

Can a Collie Puppy Eat Bananas?

Puppies usually need to follow a specific diet to ensure they grow up strong and healthy.

You should avoid deviating from the prescribed diet for your pup until they are old enough to start eating regular dog food.

Can Collies Eat Banana Peels?

Every part of the banana is perfectly safe for Collies, including the peels, however the peels contain a lot of rough fiber which can be hard to digest for smaller dogs like Collies.

If you’re making a banana treat for your collie, you should use peeled bananas, but if they accidentally eat the peel too, don’t worry. There’s nothing harmful in the peels.

How to Make an Easy Banana Dog Treat for Collies

This simple banana and peanut butter mix for dogs is perfect for keeping your Collie entertained.

The only two ingredients are bananas and peanut butter, and you can choose to freeze it or serve it up fresh.

There are only two steps to make this treat:

1: Mix up a mashed peeled banana with a few tablespoons of peanut butter

2: Squish the mix in to the Kong toy and put it in the freezer for a few hours until it becomes solid

Mental stimulation is an important part of collie care and a Kong treat is a great way to keep their mind occupied.

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