Why you should never feed your collie grapes or raisins

Dogs have a different digestion system than humans, so lots of food that are healthy and nutritious for you are useless or even harmful for your collie.

While most of the time this just means your collie isn’t able to extract the same nutrients from certain foods, there are some foods like grapes and raisins which are actually harmful for collies.

Collies can NOT eat grapes or raisins. Both grapes and raisins are extremely dangerous for collies, and can cause a number of serious health complications if eaten in large quantities.

Luckily, there are plenty of healthy fruit and veg that collies can eat instead, like bananas or apples, and there are other snack ideas too, for example eggs are a healthy snack for collies.

Can collies eat grapes?

Collies can not eat grapes, they are dangerous for collies and most other dogs. In large quantities, grapes are toxic and can cause serious problems.

Grape products like grape juice, wine, some vinegars and grape preservatives like jam or marmalade are also unsuitable for collies and should be avoided, no matter how much they beg!

Can collies eat raisins?

Collies can not eat raisins, even in small quantities they can cause health problems. Raisins are toxic for most dogs, including collies.

Several products, especially bread products may contain raisins in the ingredients list so it’s important to check since these may also be harmful for your furry friend.

Fruit loafs, curries, trail mix, some cookies and cereals all contain raisins so it’s important not to feed these to your collie either.

Are grapes bad for collies?

Grapes and raisins are both bad for collies, and if eaten in large quantities can even cause serious health issues.

You should avoid feeding your collie grapes, raisins, or any products derived from or including grapes or raisins – such as grape juice, fruit loaf, grape jam or marmalade, trail mix, or cookies containing raisins.

Why are grapes and raisins bad for collies?

Although scientists don’t know the exact chemicals in grapes and raisins that are harmful, it’s well documented that both grapes and raisins do pose a risk to collies and other dogs so it’s best to avoid them both entirely.

Can collies eat bread with raisins in it?

Although plain bread can be a healthy addition to your collie’s diet, fruit loaf or bread containing raisins is potentially toxic and should be avoided.

Collies can not eat bread which contains raisins. Raisins are toxic for all dogs, including collies.

What happens if a collie eats grapes or raisins?

If a collie were to ingest a large quantity of grapes or raisins, they may show signs of toxic ingestion.

According to the ASPCA, they received over 3,500 calls last year alone about dogs who had ingested grapes or raisins, so it’s a big problem.

What to do if your collie eats a grape or raisin

If your pup has eaten a large quantity of grapes or raisins, you should contact your local vet immediately. Your vet will induce vomiting in your dog to empty their stomachs.

Even if your pup only had a few raisins, keep a very close eye on them for a few days and if you notice any lethargy, low mood or abdominal issues you should call your veterinary practice immediately.

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