Can Collies eat Pumpkin? (Is pumpkin safe for collies?)

Collies can eat fresh pumpkin or plain tinned pumpkin, but they should not eat any kind of pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice mixtures, since they often contain other ingredients which are not safe for dogs.

In this article I’ll go over which types of pumpkin are safe, and some of the benefits and drawbacks of using it when creating a diet for your collie.

Is pumpkin safe for collies?

A little bit of pumpkin on its own is safe for collies as part of a healthy diet. Fresh pumpkin or plain canned pumpkin are the best options, since they don’t contain any additional spices or herbs (often found in Pumpkin pie mixes) which are not good for your collie.

Keep an eye on the ingredients, as even some canned pumpkin can contain an unhealthy amount of sugar and sodium.

Is pumpkin good for collies?

Collies don’t need pumpkin for nutrients, and their digestion system is different from ours, so they can’t extract as many nutrients from it as a human being can.

Even though they aren’t necessary, pumpkin can be a fun way to let your dog try something new. After all, variety is the spice of life.

If you’re looking for a healthier snack (that your collie will get lots of nutrition from) then consider adding some eggs to your collie’s diet.

Benefits of pumpkin for collies:

Pumpkins contain lots of useful vitamins and minerals which benefit your collie.

  • Vitamin C to keep your collie’s mind sharp as they age
  • Calcium helps your collie maintain strong teeth and bones
  • Iron ensures your collie’s circulatory system is strong
  • Vitamin E ensures your collie’s skin stays healthy
  • Vitamin A is crucial for maintaining good eyesight
  • Lutein helps maintain your collie’s eyes, skin and coat

As you can see, pumpkins have lots of great benefits for collies, however they are not necessary at all for a healthy diet as collies can get all the essential nutrients they need from a good quality dry food for collies.

Luna having fun with a pumpkin at Hallowe’en

When is pumpkin bad for collies?

Pumpkin on its own is completely fine for collies, but there are two scenarios where pumpkins could have an adverse effect.

Although pumpkins are fine for most dogs including collies, you should avoid any canned or preserved pumpkin which contains additional spices or ingredients which can sometimes cause digestion issues.

Things like pumpkin with cinnamon, pumpkin pie filling, nutmeg & pumpkin all contain spices and may be difficult for your collie to digest.

Fresh or tinned pumpkin is fine, but don’t share your pumpkin chai latte with your dogs. Get them a puppuccino instead.

You should limit your collie’s pumpkin intake to a few spoonfuls. Pumpkin has lots of useful nutrients, but like most foods, too much of it can be harmful.

Should you feed your collie pumpkin?

Pumpkin certainly isn’t necessary for your collie to maintain a healthy diet, however it’s perfectly safe for collies and if they like it it’s fine to have some plain pumpkin as a treat now and then.

How to add pumpkin to your collie’s diet

You can add pureed or cooked pumpkin to your dog’s diet directly, by adding a few teaspoonfuls to their regular meal, by adding ground pumpkin seeds to their meal, or by buying them a doggy pumpkin treat.

Can collies eat pumpkin seeds

Collies can eat pumpkin seeds, either whole or ground. They contain much of the same nutrients as pumpkin flesh, and act as a natural dewormer.

Be careful if you’re buying them from the store, since they are sometimes canned with other ingredients. The best and most nutritious option is to get them fresh.

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