100+ Unique Collie Name Ideas (With Explanations!)

How to choose a name for your collie

When you’re choosing a name for your new Collie, there are a few things to keep in mind that aren’t immediately obvious. Here are some tips for naming your collie.

Use a short name:

For most dogs, it’s better to have a short name which is two syllables long. Although it’s not a hard and fast rule, it makes it easier for your collie to memorize their name. One syllable names can be confused with short words often, and longer names are harder for your dog to recognize.

Be careful about names that could confuse your dog:

Avoid using a name that is similar to someone else in your family, any pet names, or any other name your collie will hear frequently. If you have a pet rabbit called Flopsy, don’t call your collie Mopsy. This can cause confusion and upset your collie if they never know if you’re calling them or not.

Don’t use a name that sounds like any commands. Like with names similar to family members, this can confuse and upset your collie if they can’t figure out if you’re trying to call them or trying to tell them to do something.

How to make sure your collie loves their name:

When your dog hears you calling their name, they will form an association in their head between their name, and whatever feelings they feel immediately after they hear it.

What this means is that you should avoid using your collie’s name with anything negative. If you only shout their name before you chastise them, they will associate their name with something bad.

This can cause your collie to become upset and have a low sense of self worth, leading to behavioral problems and training issues down the line.

Luna loves her name! It fits her personality perfectly.

Female Collie Name Ideas

1: Luna

Luna is one of the best names for a female Collie. It has multiple meanings, is associated with the moon and alludes to their wild and free spirited nature.

2: Shauna

Popular girls’ name in Scotland and Ireland. It’s the female version of the male name “Shaun” or “Sean”.

3: Lily

A unique and beautiful flower, the name “Lily” is often said to symbolize devotion. This fits a collie perfectly as they never leave your side. Lilies are also commonly used as funeral flowers, which is apt as your collie will have your heart roasted with their mind games.

4: Sophie

Sophie is a girl’s name which means Wisdom.

5: Mhairi

Scottish Gaelic version of Mary, which is a biblical name meaning “Beloved” or “Most Beloved”.

6: Holly

Beautiful tree found in the countrysides of Scotland and Northern England. In days gone by these were used in hedgerows in the farms collies worked on.

7: Shadow

This endearing name is a great description of collies behavior. Collies are known for being quite needy and often follow their owners around like a little shadow.

8: Heather

Heather is a popular girl’s name in Scotland, named after the white and purple shrubs of the same name found across the wild hilltops of Scotland. Working collies run through the heather every day in the highlands, helping the farmer bring back the sheep from grazing.

9: Polly

Polly means “Star of the sea”. Collies aren’t usually found in the sea, but they are for sure the star of the fields and hills.

10: Piper

Pipers often led soldiers in to battle, but this is a popular name for girls in Scotland and North America. It reflects the headstrong personality of most collies.

11: Bella

A beautiful name for a beautiful dog.

12: Maisy

The name Maisy is the greek word for Pearl. Your own little treasure.

13: Aspen

This is a good name if your dog is non-binary. It’s a common name especially in North America, meaning grace, and named after the beautiful quaking aspen trees found across the northern hemisphere.

14: Sunny

This name reflects the sunshine your dog will bring in to your life. Their happy and cheerful temperament will light up your world.

15: Islay

Traditional Scottish feminine name, named after the Island of Islay off the west coast of Scotland. According to the Bible Islay means “Devoted to God”. Your collie probably doesn’t praise Jesus, but they will pray for a treat.

16: Fern

From the Old English word “Fearn” which means someone who lives among the ferns. This fits a collie perfectly, and works for a boy or a girl collie.

17: Poppy

Red flower named after the Greek word for weaver. Your collie won’t be weaving you a basket but they are very agile and will weave from side to side while out for a walk.

18: Bonnie

Scottish word meaning beautiful. Can be used for either a boy or a girl collie.

19: Bracken

A Scottish word for Fern, commonly found in the highland forests of Scotland and Northern England. Collies are great at darting in and out of ferns and other shrubs and make use of this natural ability in agility trials as well.

20: Thatcher

A well-known English dog.

21: Flo

Short for Florence, or a name in its own right. Flo is a beautiful name of Latin origin, and roughly means “To Flourish”. Your life will certainly flourish when you share it with a Collie.

22: Rowan

Rowan trees are sacred in Celtic mythology. They are said to protect against evil and are often found atop mountains and hills, where other trees can’t grow. It’s a common girl’s name in Scotland and Ireland and would be a very fitting name for a Collie.

As soon as you call Luna’s name, she comes straight away to see you.

Male Collie Name Ideas

1: Laddie

A Scottish term of endearment for a boy. (The male version of Lassie)

2: Dingo


3: Arran

Arran is a mountainous island off the west coast of Scotland. Collies have been herding there for hundreds of years, it would be a great name for your male collie.

4: Shep

Boy’s name meaning Shepherd. Perfectly fitted for Collies of all types.

5: Blue

One of Luna’s collie friends is called Blue. It’s a great name for a dog.

6: Balloch

A serene Scottish village on the banks of Loch Lomond. Would make a great name for a Collie.

7: Spencer

An Old English word for steward or administrator. Your collie is from a long line of collies who looked after the sheep and hillsides.

8: Orkney

Named after the Islands off the north coast of Scotland, Orkney is a unique name for a Collie of any kind. It would work for a boy or a girl collie.

9: Rex

Latin word for King.

10: Gunner

Gunner is a name more typically used for hunting dogs. Although collies aren’t great hunting dogs, the name still fits well.

11: Mutley

Good name for a cheeky dog.

12: Atholl

Atholl is a mountainous region of Scotland, where collies are still used to this day in hill-sheep farming. It makes a great name for a collie and is a subtle nod to their heritage as shepherds.

13: Lewis

The name Lewis means Warrior in Old English. Collies are not known for being aggressive, but the name still fits them. It’s also the name of part of a rugged island in Scotland where collies are used for sheep farming.

14: Paddie

Paddie is usually an Irish name, so maybe this one would be good if your collie has any Irish heritage. Short for Patrick or Padraig, Paddy makes a great name for a collie since it’s short and easy for them to hear.

15: Maverick

Collies are definitely mavericks! They are intelligent and easy to train, but they have a rebellious streak in them.

16: Harris

Harris isn’t too common a name for a dog, but it makes a perfect unique name for a collie. Harris is found in the outer Hebrides in Scotland, where sheep farming is common.

17: Gallus

Gallus is a Scottish word meaning cheeky, self-confident, daring, and impressive. This is an apt description of most collies for sure.

18: Glen

This must be the most common name used for a collie ever. It’s a little cliche, but you can’t deny the name is perfect for a collie.

Any time you mention Luna’s name her ears stand up to hear what you’re saying about her.

Scottish Collie Name Ideas

1: Laddie

Scottish term of endearment for a boy or young man. The male version of “Lassie”.

2: Kyle

A common boy’s name in North America, Kyle also makes a great name for a Collie because it is also a Scottish word for a stretch of water.

3: Wallace

They may take our lives, but they’ll never take.. our FREEDOM!

4: Jura

Jura is a large island in the Inner Herides off the west coast of Scotland. It’s a wild and rugged island with only a few inhabitants.

5: Kelpie

In Scottish mythology, Kelpies are shapeshifting water spirits. Collies love the water, so this is a great and unique Scottish name for your collie.

6: Cambo

Alright, Cambo isn’t strictly a Scottish name. It’s a common nickname for people with the surname Campbell, and it’s also a small town in Northumberland where Border Collies originated from. I think it’s a great name for a collie.

7: Braw

Braw means beautiful, handsome or nice in Scottish. It’s a braw name for yer dug.

8: Leven

The River Leven empties Loch Lomond in to the Clyde Estuary next to Dumbarton Castle.

9: Elgin

A small town in the heart of sheep country. Elgin is a common surname in the UK, but I think it would also make a great name for your collie.

10: Nevis

The tallest mountain in Scotland is called Ben Nevis.

11: Finn

Finn is generally considered an Irish name, (sometimes spelled as Fionn) but it’s common in Scotland too. It comes from Old Irish and means “White” or “Graceful”.

12: Lomond

Named for Loch Lomond, one of the most famous lochs in Scotland. Lomond makes a uniquely Scottish name for your collie.

13: Rothesay

Pronounced like “Roth-Say”, Rothesay is a small town on the Island of Bute, in the Clyde Estuary in Scotland.

Bute is covered in sheep and has been for hundreds of years, so this is a perfect name for a dog.

14: Clyde

Clyde is a boy’s name in North America, but also the most important river in Scotland. Collies have been tearing about the hills of the Clyde Valley for generations.

15: Heather

Heather are wild purple or white flowers found in rocky highlands around Scotland. Heather are beautiful and wild, and the plants are said to be good luck, so it’s a great name if you’re looking for a Scottish name for your collie.

16: Bracken

Bracken is the Scottish word for Ferns, which are found on rough ground the world over. It’s a unique name and a great option for any sheepdog.

17: Ailsa

Ailsa is a Scottish girl’s name, coming from the vikings who settled in Scotland centuries ago. It’s the Scottish version of the name Elsa.

Luna posing for a photo.

Border Collie Name Ideas

1: Saxon

The Saxons hailed from Germany, but left their mark on Britain with their language and culture. Great name for a dog, or a rock band.

2: Tweed

A fast flowing river that flows on the border between Scotland and England. It’s a nice name for a Collie, works for a male or female collie.

3: Willow

Willow is a great name for a Border Collie, it works for a male or female collie.

4: Bandit

Bandit fits well with a Border Collie’s personality. Cheeky, bold and free spirited.

5: Border

Not going to lie, this one was my Mum’s idea. Border the Border Collie. Yes she really went there.

6: Bailey

Bailey can be a name for your male or female collie.

7: Simba

I just can’t wait to be king.

8: Hadrian

Named after Hadrian’s Wall, a wall built by the roman empire to keep the Scots out of Britannia. The wall runs from coast to coast in the Border region between Scotland and England where collies were first bred.

9: Oreo

Black and white and super sweet. Perfect name for a collie.

10: Berwick

An uncommon boy’s name in the UK, named after the border town of Berwick on the border of Scotland and England.

11: Melrose

Melrose is a common Scottish surname, named after the small town in the Scottish borders. It would make a nice and unique name for your collie.

12: Kilo

Collies are some of the most active dog breeds. They can run non-stop for several Kilometers…

13: Jet

If you’ve ever seen a collie chasing a ball, this name needs no explanation.

14: Cambo

Cambo is a picturesque rural town in the Scottish borders, near where the first ever Border Collies were bred.

15: Sparky

Collies are known for having a “Sparky” personality…

16: Hunter

Collies aren’t really known for their hunting abilities, and although collies are usually not aggressive, they do have very strong chase instincts.

17: Spud

Scottish word for potato. Somehow it fits with a collie personality perfectly.

Recall is super important for collies, if they don’t know their name they might get lost.

Rough Collie Name Ideas

1: Copper

Copper is a great name for a Rough Collie, because of their coat which is usually brown and white.

2: Kelso

Kelso is the name of a small town in the Scottish Borders. It’s a great name for a Rough Collie, who have been working the fields of Scotland for generations.

3: Rusty

Similar to Copper, the name Rusty refers to their rust colored coat.

4: Fraser

A boy’s name popular in Scotland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Good name for a collie.

5: Rannoch

Named after a loch and moorland in the Highlands of Scotland, where Rough Collies’ insulating coat can protect them from the wind.

6: Lassie

Little Timmy has fallen down the well again.

7: Moray

Another region of Scotland which is heavily sheep farmed, making use of Rough and Border Collies.

8: Selkie

Selkies are shapeshifting seals found in the Celtic mythology of Scotland and Ireland.

9: Fly

Don’t let the fluffy coat deceive you. Rough collies are extremely fast and agile, and they can fly around the fields as fast as any Border Collie.

10: Orkney

Rough Collies’ unique coat allows them to stay insulated against even the harshest weather. The Orkney Isles are found in the far north of Scotland, perfect weather for a Rough Collie.

11: Fenwick

Fenwick (Pronounced like “Fennik”) is a farming town in Central Scotland, where Rough Collies have been working the fields for centuries.

Their insulating coats make them the ideal dogs to work the fields where a smooth coat collie would get too cold and wet.

12: Biscuit

Biscuits are small and sweet, just like a Rough Collie.

Sometimes Luna just does what she wants, even when you tell her to stop. Here she is in the river getting soaked…

Bearded Collie Name Ideas

1: Samson

In the biblical story, Samson’s power lay in his long hair.

2: Ness / Nessie

Although Bearded Collies’ ancestors are Polish sheepdogs, the Beardie Breed came in to its own when it was mixed with sheepdogs from Scotland in the 1500s. Ness (Male) or Nessie (Female) is a great name for any collie, being named after Loch Ness in the highlands.

3: Cooper

Bearded Collies are a barrel of energy. Get it?

4: Argyll

Argyll is a region of Scotland which is covered in sheep.

5: Buddy

Buddy means friend, and it also means someone who comes from Paisley, a large town in Scotland. The perfect name for your furry friend, with a subtle nod to their Scottish heritage.

6: Dougal

Named after Dougal in The Magic Roundabout.

7: Weaver

I just like the name. Beardies coats are unique in the dog world, almost like they are woven.

8: Duke

Great name for any collie, but especially a bearded collie since they look so majestic.

9: Scout

Alludes to the deceptive speed and agility of the Bearded Collie. They are great dogs for herding and protecting sheep and cattle.

10: Malin

Malin is the name of the region of sea which wraps around the coast of Scotland and the North of Ireland. Prime Beardie country.

11: Mopsy

Beardies always remind me of a Mop.

12: Buster

Collies are always busting your chops when it’s walk time or treat time.

Luna doesn’t only know her own name, she knows the names for all her toys. Here is her favorite toy Skunky.

Welsh Collie Name Ideas

1: Gelert

Possibly the most famous Welsh dog of them all. The story of Gelert the faithful hound is famous in Wales and there is even a memorial to him in the small village of Beddgelert in Wales.

2: Todd

Todd is a Welsh name meaning “Fox”. It would make a great name for a Welsh Collie (or any other collie) because of their foxy personalities.

3: Lundy

Lundy is the name given to the area of sea located off the Welsh coast in the shipping forecast, which is broadcast four times every day across the British Isles.

4: Powell

Powell is a popular surname for Welsh people and people of Welsh ancestry, but it’s also a great first name for your faithful Welsh Collie.

5: Dawson

Dawson means “Son of David” in Welsh, but it’s more often used as a first name in North America. This is a good name for your collie, with a subtle nod to their Welsh heritage.

6: Flint

No, not THAT Flint. Flint is a small farming town in North Wales, home to many many collies over the years. It serves well as a name for your Collie, whether they are a boy or a girl.

7: Tenby

Tenby is another small town in Wales which works perfectly as the name for a sheepdog or Welsh Collie.

8: Bryn

Bryn is a Welsh name which means Hill or Hilltop. It couldn’t be more fitting for a Welsh Collie, who love nothing more than tearing around the fields, working with the shepherds to round up the sheep to make them in to lamb chops.

9: Aled

Aled is a boys name, named after the River Aled in Wales which has lent its name to hundreds of Welsh sheep dogs over the years.

10: Ivan

Ivan sounds Slavic, but it’s actually the Welsh version of the name “John”. It’s a nice sounding name for any Collie, but especially a Welsh one!

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