How To Brush your Collie’s Teeth: Collie Tooth Care Guide

Your collies teeth go through a lot every day so it is important to look after them.

The best way to look after your collies teeth is to brush them daily using specialist dog toothpaste and supplementing their diet with a dental chew.

Including dental hygiene into your dogs daily routine will help prevent a build of a plaque and tartar and any resulting dental disease later in life.

Remember, prevention is better than a cure so its a good idea to start caring for your collies teeth from puppyhood.

How to clean your collie’s teeth

The most effective way to clean your collies teeth is by brushing them every day and providing a doggy dental chew. Brushing your collies teeth should be part of your daily routine and its normally easier to do so at night when your collie is likely tired and show less resistance to their teeth being brushed.

In order to clean their teeth most effectively it is advisable to invest in a specialist dog toothbrush. This will have extra angular bristles to ensure even the most difficult to clean places can be brushed.

Providing a dental chew can also help care for your collies teeth and its advisable to give this after they have consumed all their food for the day as the chew will help remove any plaque build up.

How to brush your collie’s teeth

Brushing your collies teeth may seem daunting, especially if you have never done so before but once you get the hang of it and your collie becomes used to it being incorporated into their daily routine it will be a quick and easy task.

To begin, let your collie lick some toothpaste off your finger to get used to it. Often they are meat flavoured so your collie will most likely enjoy the taste.

When your collie is calm and feels at ease with the taste of the toothpaste its time to start thinking about brushing. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the brush and gently use a circular motion to clean their teeth.

If your collie becomes distressed then stop brushing immediately. You do not want your collie to associate negative emotions with tooth brushing as this will be a vital part of maintaining their dental hygiene. Only brush for as long as your collie is comfortable and built up a little more time each day.

Always avoid putting your fingers near their teeth as they may accidently bite down on you if they chew on the toothbrush.

This video explains how to brush your dogs teeth.

Dental treats for collies

Not all dental treats are made equal. The easiest way to select a high quality dental chew is to look at the ingredients. Select chews that have a high percentage of chicken or beef on the ingredient list. Generally, ingredients are listed in order of their potency so if corn or rice (or anything other than meat) is first on the ingredient list its best to avoid and find a different dental chew.

Best Toothpaste for Collies

Dog toothpaste is enzymatic. This means it provide a natural antibacterial action to remove plaque and prevent the build up of tartar on your collies teeth.

When selecting a toothpaste look for the enzyme ingredients lactoperoxidase or glucose oxidase. These enzymes react with the saliva in your collies mouth to become antibacterial and remove any plaque.

Always ensure the toothpaste is fluoride free as fluoride can cause severe digestive issues and dogs should not be ingesting it.

It is always best to ensure you choose a toothpaste which does not contain foaming ingredients as this can irritate your collies stomach.

Border collie getting its teeth brushed with dog toothpaste for collies
Collies are easy to train and will get used to having their teeth brushed eventually, especially if you use flavored doggy toothpaste that they enjoy.

Border Collie Flat Teeth

Collies are not born with flat teeth however they can become worn down over time and the tips can become flat. This is most noticeable in the canine teeth where the tip may no longer be pointy but rather a flattened surface.

Flattened teeth is the result of what your collie puts in their mouth. Most people who already own a collie know that balls are a big hit and a border collie without a ball is a rarity.

However tennis balls (racquetballs) have silica in them which are actually abrasive to your collies teeth. It acts like sandpaper and literally wears away your collies teeth so when it comes to choosing toys stick to soft plastic or rubber and well away from any hard, abrasive surfaces.

The Kong is a perfect options for collies as they can chase, chew, champ and chomp until theirs hearts content and you can be happy in the knowledge its not causing damage to their teeth.

Luna is not allowed tennis balls although she was happy when she found this one in the park!

Collie Puppy Teething

Collie puppy teething can be intense for collie and owner. It can be a pretty painful process for your pup and they will look for anything to chew on to relieve their teething pain.

Providing a high quality puppy chew toy will allow them to safely chew and alleviate their painful teething. However, never leave your collie pup unsupervised with chew toys in case they accidentally ingest a small piece.

When do collie puppies stop teething

Collie puppies stop teething at around six months old. When your collie reaches this age, they should have gained all their adult teeth and will no longer be teething.

How to care for your teething collie puppy

A collie puppy who is teething can be a challenge for any owner, even the most experienced. Your adorable fluffy puppy could be mistaken for a piranha with 28 razor sharp puppy teeth which usually favour fingers and toes.

Providing your collie puppy with specific puppy chews will help train out any nipping behaviors which may develop as a result of teething. This will also help prevent them chewing on shoes, carpets, sofas or anything else they can get their little gnashers into.

Collie Puppy Losing Teeth

Collie puppies begin to lose their teeth at around 3 months in order to make room for their 42 adult teeth.

Just like in human babies, this process can be painful for your pup and its normal to notice some drool or drops of blood on their chew toys.

Its entirely normal for your collie puppy to lose teeth which you may spot lying on the ground or they may accidently ingest. But, by 6 months old your pup should have acquired all 42 adult teeth.

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