Do Collies Like Water? (Getting wet and swimming!)

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Collies generally love water. As a rule of thumb the wetter, the better!

Most collies love water and will happily spend all day playing at the beach. Collies love playing in a plastic dog pool filled with water on a hot day and they definitely don’t care about getting soaked if it’s raining outside!

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Although most collies love water, all dogs have different personalities and some collies don’t have a thick double coat to protect them against bad weather, so not all collies love the water.

Do Collies Like Rain?

Most collies don’t mind the rain, because their fluffy double coats keep them warm and dry in even the heaviest downpour, however there are some smooth-coated collie varieties which may prefer not to get soaked!

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The border collie breed has two coat varieties: rough and smooth. Both have a courser outer coat and a softer undercoat.

As they were originally bred for herding in the Scottish borders, their double coat keeps them warm even in wet weather.

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However, like us humans not all collies are the same. Some collies hate being rained on and will gladly avoid any trips out in wetter weather.

You will be able to tell if your collie is in the latter category as they will likely show less enthusiasm for walks. Examples of this type of behavior include: lowering ears close to their head, visibly shaking from their own discomfort and bearing the most pathetic face that simply says “are you serious?”.

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Damp and Unimpressed

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Can Collies Swim?

Generally, collies are good swimmers however collies’ affinity with water differs between each individual dog.

If your collie has had a negative experience of water during puppyhood it is likely to negatively effect their relationship with water for the rest of their lives.

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Many collies enjoy playing in shallow water but not every dog loves to swim, some dogs prefer all four paws to be firmly on the ground.

Although all collies have a natural instinct to paddle, this does not always result in them being able to swim. Collies were not bred for water jobs, but with some gentle encouragement most collies will be able to become confident swimmers in no time!

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How to teach your collie to swim:

If you want to take your collie swimming, let them get into the water as deep as they are willing to do so on their own.

Never pressure your collie to swim in deep water which they are not comfortable with as they are sensitive dogs and this may impact their trust of you negatively.

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Should you let your collie swim?

Swimming with your collie is a great way to bond and strengthen their trust however deep, dark water can be scary and pressuring your collie will create a traumatic experience for them.

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Take things slow and start early, with the right approach and equipment swimming can be an enjoyable experience for dogs and their owners.

It’s a good idea to understand how to safely lift your collie, in case you need to rescue them!

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Do Collies Like Getting Wet?

Generally, collies don’t mind getting wet at all. On a hot day, your collie will love jumping in to a pond or lake after their ball, or playing in their doggy pool filled with water in the yard.

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Luna loves playing in her doggy pool!

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How to stop your collie getting wet

If your collie is getting drenched when they are out, a raincoat is the perfect option to help them stay warm and dry in bad weather.

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There are a massive variety of raincoats to choose from. Look look for a high quality waterproof coat, since collies generally spend a lot of time outdoors even if the weather is bad.

Buying a cheaper coat could prove a more expensive option in the long term. If it’s ill-fitting and poorly made it will have to be regularly replaced and your collie will hate wearing it. (This happened with Luna’s first coat!)

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Can collies get wet?

Collies can get absolutely soaked, but should you let them?

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In general, collies are fine after they get wet, but you might need to give them a good brush and drying off when they come inside.

If your collie has a long coat, they may need detangled, and if your collie has been playing in the sea you might want to give them a wash to get the salt off of them.

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Luna paddling in a shallow river

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Can Bearded Collies get Wet?

Bearded collies can get wet and many enjoy the water however their owners may not enjoy dealing with the consequences. The bearded collie has a shaggy outer coat which can become entangled when wet. This creates the added effort of grooming after drying.

Owners of bearded collies will want to invest in a high quality grooming brush to tug out the tangles from their water babies.

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Bearded collie pup parents should remember that even if your pooch loves the water, their thick coats can become very heavy when wet. This means your pooch is using much more energy and can get tired more easily so swimming sessions should be kept short to avoid exhaustion.

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About the author:

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