Do Collies Snore? (Collie Snoring Explained)

Yes collies definitely snore! Many snore loudly and continuously while they are sleeping and could easily be mistaken for a pig! Snoring is pretty normal for a dog. As long as your collie is a healthy weight, snoring is nothing to worry about.

In this article I’ll cover how and why collies snore, and how their snoring compares to other breeds.

Why Does my Collie Snore?

Collies snore for the same reason as humans. The restricted air flow through their nasal passages and throat causes muscle tissues to vibrate as they breath. This creates the unmistakable horse and harsh sound that is your collie snoring.

Do collies Snore a Lot?

Collies do tend to snore a lot, however how much your collie snores depends on a few factors including their weight and their sleeping position.

Collies who are carrying a few extra pounds are more likely to snore more as its likely they will have an obstruction to their airway resulting in loud snoring.

Putting your dog on a strict diet and exercise regime will help fight the flab and may alleviate your dogs heavy snoring.

Collies who sleep on their back are more prone to snoring as their tongue moves to the back of their throat therefore blocking their airway. This leads to loud snoring when the air flow in their throat becomes restricted.

Unfortunately, if this is your pups favored sleeping position then there is little you can do other than embrace that background snort.

Collies sleeping in this position are more prone to snoring

Is it Normal for Collies to Snore?

It is perfectly normal for you pooch to snore.

Collies’ snoring be caused by something simple such as their sleeping position. However, if your dog is over weight and packing extra pounds it may be time for you to address your collies snoring habits.

As long as your collie is not showing any changes in their personality and they are eating and drinking normally, snoring is nothing to worry about and perfectly normal.

How to Stop Your Collie from Snoring

Stopping your collie snoring depends on the reason for them snoring initially.

If your collies snoring is caused by them sleeping on their back you may want to consider changing their bed. Try getting a larger bed where your collie can comfortably sleep fully stretched out.

This will encourage your collie to sleep on their side which will help prevent their tongue falling to the back of their throat and blocking the airway thus helping to prevent the incessant snorting and snoring.

If your collie is on the chunky side, try helping them to lose some weight.

Obesity is a contributing factor to your collie’s snoring and collies who are a healthy weight may not experience chronic snoring.

Try taking your pooch for some extra walks or limiting their treats to some tasty but low fat healthy treat options.

Collie Excessive Snoring

Some collies naturally snore more than others.

If your collie is snoring excessively and more than usual, this could be a sign that your pooch is packing on too much weight, that they have caught a cold, or that they are suffering from allergies.

Like humans, dogs get sick too and this can impact their respiratory system meaning they can wheeze and snore more than normal. Excessive snoring may be caused by a common doggy-cold.

Some collies’ snoring may be more noticeable in the summer months. This can be caused by allergies such as hay fever. If you notice your dog snores more in summer they may be irritated by pollen in which case your vet can recommend some anti allergy tablets for your collie.

If you are concerned about your pooches snoring, it’s always best to have your vet give them a quick check-up, just to rule out any underlying problems.

Collie Snorting While Playing

Collie owners may notice their dog snorting and sneezing when playing. This is perfectly normal and is a sign they are really enjoying themselves.

When collies are in full play mode, you may hear them snorting and wheezing. This is caused by your collie breathing in air quickly and their throat muscles contracting, resulting in happy pig-like grunting noises. This snorting may sound strange but they are perfectly harmless and are a sign that your collie is having fun!

Luna lolling around on her back snorting like a pig. Oink oink.

Do Collies Snore While Pregnant?

Pregnant collies may snore more as they are carrying a few extra pounds which leads to heavier snoring. If your dog seems distressed or you are concerned contact your vet immediately.

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About the author:

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