How to train your collie to keep off the furniture

If you’ve owned a collie for any length of time, you’re probably already aware of the toll they can take on your furniture.

Collies’ paws can scratch leather, their hairs can make cushions dirty, and they may chew on wooden furniture if they are bored.

The best way to keep your collie off the furniture is to teach them with positive reinforcement training, and by providing them a soft, comfortable bed on the floor that they can use instead.

In this article we’ll look at why collies jump up on furniture, whether you should let them up or not, and how to protect your furniture if you do decide to let them up.

Why do collies jump up on furniture

Collies are social dogs and need to be close to their family as much as possible. If you are sitting on the sofa or bed, your collie jumps up on the furniture beside you because they want to be near you.

If your collie doesn’t have somewhere comfortable to lie, they may jump up on the bed or sofa for somewhere soft to rest.

You can help prevent this type of behavior by providing your collie with a comfortable bed of their own, where they can go to lie down.

Luna napping on the sofa. She always likes to be as close as possible!

How to train your collie not to jump up on the furniture step by step

Thankfully, collies are quite receptive to training and can be easily trained to get rid of unwanted behaviors.

To train your collie not to jump on the sofa, bed, or other furniture you should use positive reinforcement training.

1: Calmly Remove your collie from the furniture

Start by removing your collie from the furniture, but not in any way that your collie might consider a game.

If your collie learns that jumping up on the sofa is a way to initiate a chase with you, they will do it if they are bored and looking for attention.

2: Use negative commands before they jump

Collies are headstrong and may test you by almost jumping up and giving you a quick glance to test your reaction. It’s important to catch this behavior because if you don’t, your collie may not understand that they are not allowed up.

If you notice your collie is about to jump up somewhere they aren’t allowed, use a strong “no” or “down” command.

3: Reward positive behavior

Collies learn best by positive reinforcement of desired behaviors. This is true whether you’re teaching them a new trick or teaching them to stay off the furniture.

When your collie is lying on the floor or on their own bed, reward them with a small treat and tell them they are a good dog. Your collie will learn this is what they are supposed to do.

How to protect your furniture from your collie

Without frequent training, your collie will want to lie on the carpet, sofa, chair, or bed.

They don’t have any concept of furniture and they don’t know where they are allowed to go unless you train them.

If you want to protect your furniture from collie wear and tear, there are a few things you can try.

  • Cover leather sofas with a comfortable blanket for your dog.
  • Replace textured cushion covers with plain cotton ones that can be easily washed.
  • Use an anti-chew spray on any wooden table or chair legs to prevent destructive chewing.
  • Provide your collie with a comfortable bed of their own, so they aren’t tempted to jump up.
  • Reward your collie for desirable behavior (lying down on the floor)
Luna on the sofa with her blanket

should you let your collie on the sofa?

As long as your collie isn’t damaging your furniture, it’s generally fine to let them up on the sofa beside you. Collies are social dogs and form a strong bond with their humans. They love to sit or lie down next to you.

If your home has a hard, slippery floor – be careful when your collie is jumping down off the sofa.

Slippery floors like laminate flooring is dangerous for collies, since they can slip and injure themselves.

should you let your collie on your bed?

There are pros and cons to letting your collie sleep on your bed.

Your collie would love to sleep on your bed. It’s cozy, comfy, and they love being close to their favorite human, however there are also some negatives you should be aware of.

Why you shouldn’t let your collie sleep in your bed:

  • Your collie may carry ticks, fleas, or other parasites which may end up on your bed clothes.
  • Collies shed their fur, and their hairs can be wiry and irritating.
  • If you allow your collie to sleep on your bed, your bed will become dirty after only one or two days.
  • Your collie might snore
  • Sleeping in the same room as your collie can lead to increased separation anxiety for your dog.

how to remove collie hair from furniture

Collie hairs are usually quite wiry, although it depends on what type of collie you have. It can get stuck to fabric furniture and clothes and be quite difficult to remove.

Collie hair can be removed from hard surfaces with a damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner, and from soft fabric surfaces with sticky tape or a lint roller.

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