How To Pick Up Your Collie Safely (Training & Safety Tips!)

Collies are medium sized dogs and to pick your pooch up safely put one arm behind your dogs hind legs and wrap your other arm around their chest at the front. Hold them close to your chest so your collie is secured during the lift.

In this article, we’ll look at different situations where it might be necessary to pick up your collie and go over how to do it safely.

How To Pick up Your Collie Puppy

The safest way to pick up your collie puppy is to put one hand between their front legs to support their chest and put your other hand between their back legs to support the back of their body. Then, lift your puppy slowly up whilst trying to keep them as supported as possible.

If your puppy is in its infancy and is small enough to be lifted with one hand you can put your dominant hand under your pups chest with your fingers pointing forward to their head. this allows you to support your entire pups body only using one hand.

How to Train Your Collie to be Picked Up

You can train your collie to be more relaxed about being picked up. Always give your dog a verbal cue that they are about to be lifted. Like humans, dogs don’t appreciate being unexpectedly raised from the safety of the ground.

Decide on a word such as ‘up’ and say this to your pooch before lifting them. This will help them know they are about to be lifted and can mentally prepare themselves.

Remember, for collies consistency is important to once you have chosen your verbal que word, stick to it. Your dog will soon learn being lifted is nothing to be scared of.

What to do if Your Collie Doesn’t Like Being Picked Up

If your collie resembles a squirmy wormy when you lift them then the chances are your collie doesn’t like being picked up. You can train your collie to become familiar with being picked up though.

When your collie is relaxed, try picking them up for short periods and set them back down before they start to feel uncomfortable. This way your collie will get the chance to become familiar with the sensation of being lifted but without pushing them too far out their comfort zone. Your collie will soon learn being lifted is nothing to fear.

If your collie becomes aggressive when being picked up its best to visit a specialist collie behaviourist.

When Would You Need to Lift Your Collie?

You should not lift your collie unless absolutely necessary. Here are some common reasons you may need to lift your collie so making sure they are comfortable being lifted is actually quite important.

  • Lifting your collie over a fence while out walking.
  • Lifting your collie into a car or truck.
  • Lifting your collie into the vets if they are too nervous to walk.
  • Lifting your collie if they have sustained an injury and can not walk.
  • Lifting your collie over a shallow river if they dislike getting wet.
Lifting Little Luna over a fence too high to hop over

How Not to Lift Your Collie

  • Don’t lift your collie under their front legs or armpits. This is actually very uncomfortable for your pooch and can cause muscle damage to your furry friend.
  • Don’t lift your collie by the scruff. This can be painful for your dog and highly uncomfortable.
  • Don’t lift your collie by the tail. Lifting your collie by the tail can cause serious nerve and muscle damage with life long effects.
  • Don’t lift your collie by their collar. This can block their air supply and cause lasting damage to their airways.

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About the author:

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