Taking Your Collie In The Car (Practical Tips and Advice)

Most collies love travelling in the car. It’s the big metal box that takes them to the dog park, to the beach, to the forest, to see their friends, and on lots of adventures with their favorite humans.

For some collies though, travelling in the car is an ordeal.

Travelling in the car is a key aspect of owning a collie, especially if you live out in the countryside where there’s not much public transport.

Luckily, car travel fears can be easily managed and with a little training your collie will be jumping in and out of the car like Shergar in no time.

How to travel with your collie in the car

Travelling in the car with your collie doesn’t need to be stressful. Here are nine tips to help ensure the journey is as easy as possible, for you and your collie!

  • Secure them properly with a doggy seat belt, a doggy car seat, or a doggy car crate.
  • Take a portable water bowl and plenty of water to keep your dog hydrated and cool.
  • Crack the window open.
  • If your Collie is nervous of the car, spend some time training them and getting them used to it beforehand.
  • Bring along your Collie’s favorite blanket or toy so they have something comforting to keep them calm.
  • Bring a Kong toy stuffed with treats or another toy to keep them occupied on long journeys.
  • Stop regularly to let your dog stretch their legs and go to the toilet.
  • Don’t feed your dog for the two hours immediately before a long car ride.
  • Never leave your dog alone in the car, they can overheat very quickly, even on a mild day.

What to do if Your Collie is Scared of the Car

Collies are great dogs to train, with a bit of training you can help your furry friend get used to car rides in no time.

1: Get them comfortable in the car with the engine off

If your collie is scared of going in the car, the best thing to do is to show them there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Help your collie overcome their fear by getting them used to entering the car while the engine is off and the car isn’t moving.

2: Show them that it’s safe by entering first

Jump in the back yourself first. Collies love to be around people and will jump in to be next to you. Reward positive behavior with a treat or a toy. Collies react well to positive reinforcement.

How to Keep Your Collie Calm in the Car

Collies love routine, so a new car journey can sometimes be distressing for them.

If they know they are going for walkies, they might get over excited every time they get in the car, or if they know they are going to the vet they might become distressed.

You can help keep your collie calm in the car by getting them a doggy car crate or some blankets, which gives them a comfortable safe space inside the car, making sure they have plenty of water and an open window, and giving them a toy to keep them occupied. Collies hate being bored!

Do Collies Like Being in the Car?

Collies are prone to nervousness, it’s normal for them to be a bit apprehensive about the car at first, but with the right training they will learn to love being in the car with you.

How to help your collie to enjoy car rides:

  • Reward your Collie with treats for hopping in to the car
  • Give them a comfortable blanket to lie on
  • If they are used to sleeping in crates, get them a doggy car crate
  • Bring plenty of water for longer car rides
  • Use a Doggy seat belt or a doggy car seat to keep your dog safe
  • Include short car rides in your routine to help them get used to it
  • Give them a Kong toy stuffed with treats to keep them occupied and happy
  • Open the windows to keep them from overheating
Luna enjoying a car ride!

How Long can Collies Stay in the Car?

You should not leave your collie in your car alone for longer than five minutes in case they overheat. However once your collie is used to travelling in the car, long journeys are possible as long as you are in the car with them and they have regular breaks and plenty of water.

Make sure to bring water and a doggy bowl to keep your pup hydrated, and a blanket so they can rest and feel comfortable. A portable doggy bowl is a great option for the car.

Collies are creatures of habit. Once you get over any initial hesitation, your collie will learn that a car ride means they are going somewhere fun, and your pooch will love riding in the car with you.

The best place for your collie is a car crate for dogs, which keeps them safe and secure. If that’s not possible, the best option is the back seat of the car, where they can’t interfere with the driver and they can lie down on the seats.

How to Stop Your Collie Crying in the Car

If your collie is nervous about being in the car, they may whine and cry during car rides. To help keep them calm and reduce crying, try keeping them calm with a comfortable blanket, or by sitting with them in the back for the first few times until they learn that the car isn’t anything to be afraid of.

Collies are one of the most intelligent breeds, they learn new things easily. Once they have been on a few car rides they will soon get used to it.

You can help your Collie to feel safe in the car with their blanket, a doggy car crate, or by having someone they trust sitting in the back with them the first few times until they get used to it.

All breeds of Collie are highly emotionally intelligent. They may cry or whine out of excitement, especially if they know they are going somewhere fun.

Doggy Seat Belts for Collies

One option you should consider for car rides is a doggy seatbelt. It’s a comfortable harness that clips on to your dog and affixes to the isofix anchors on your car seat.

They stop your pup from jumping around, and can also be used as a regular harness when you’re out for walkies.

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About the author:

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